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Good News...

Your wait is now over!

Boot Hill Valley

R.G. Yoho's Latest Western

R.G. Yoho is Proud to Announce His Latest Release:

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Boot Hill Valley is a funny name for a town. It’s also a Colorado town with a dark, brutal, and lawless past, a place which can no longer hire a marshal.

Chance McBride, one of their former lawmen, is a man who believes he has lost everything, And with nothing left to lose, he foolishly turns to the bottle. But despite Chance’s drinking, he still hasn’t lost the love of a good woman, his wife, Amy.

With the help of his wife and the unlikely friendship of a mysterious Arapaho, Chance reclaims his life, confronts his personal demons, and challenges the evil Ramsey brothers, who once again threaten it all.

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