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Breathing New Life Into The Old West!

Happy New Year!

It is hope that 2015 brings you all the best! 
I am honored and humbled by your interest in my work!
Thanks again!!!

It is my intention to travel to more parts of the country this year to see those of you who read my books!
Please check back for occasional updates of the places where I might meet you.

                                                                       A Little About Me

Many, many moons ago, I was born in Parkersburg, West Virginia, because I wanted to be close to my mother.

While I was still a child, my dad sold his West Virginia cattle farm and moved us to another farm he purchased in southeastern Ohio.

After growing very hungry, I found my folks again a couple of years later. (By the way, this is a story I often told that routinely made my late mother very angry, because she feared people might actually believe it.)

As a graduate of Hyles Anderson College, I have been employed in manufacturing for almost thirty years.

During this period, I worked as a freelance writer for years in many fields, such as politics and sports, and writing a regular column for the local newspaper. In addition, I also hosted a weekly radio talk show for over four years, something I truly loved.

My love of Westerns began with the reading of "Flint," a novel by famed Western author, Louis L'Amour.

In reality, my eventual Western writing career almost didn't happen.

That is because I was young and foolish, which caused me to make fun of my dad for reading those "dime store novels," words that I later had to eat.

While getting ready to go to work, Dad always had a paperback copy of Louis L'Amour in his lunch bucket.

Then I finally read one, forever proving that my dad wasn’t the stupid one in our family.

So begins the story...

Now I routinely try to write the kind of books I like to read. And I’ve discovered that other people seem to like them as well.

My books aren't exactly, "Eat, Pray, Love." They tend to be more: "Ride, Shoot, Shove."

I am a husband of over thirty years to my first and only wife, who is also my best friend in this world.  I am the father of three great kids, the father-in-law of two more, and the grandfather of a couple boys who always keep me smiling.

I am a proud member of the West Virginia Writers and Western Writers of America.

Besides my passion for writing, I am a hard-core fan of West Virginia University football and basketball.

To learn more, you can check out my author's page on Facebook:

You can also follow me on Twitter: @rgyoho.


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