"I discovered this little gem via a Twitter conversation. Organized like a calendar...The messages will have you pondering the greatness of our heritage and how faith, hard work & determination are common elements to our American exceptionalism. I am reading only one page per day, so this book will continue to impart inspiration for a whole year. Thanks for writing this, Mr. Yoho!"

What Do Readers Say About The Book?

"America's History is His Story" is the latest work of Western Author, RG Yoho. This book is a daily devotional of history and patriotism. If you embrace the power of the Christian faith, if you love the United States of America, if you cherish your family, and if you respect the contributions of our brave military personnel, then you should love this book. Each daily reading is brimming with the qualities of faith, family and freedom.

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​​​​R.G. YOHO

Author, Writer, Speaker

White Feather Press

November 2013

"I am currently reading this to my boys, ages 10 & 8. Wonderful resource and great inspiration!"