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​​​​R.G. YOHO

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Kellen Malone Series

Book #3

Kellen Malone Series

Book #1

"Yoho crafts a thrilling Western like those many of us grew up with. The colorful characters and the vivid settings add to a fast paced and well crafted story."

"R.G. Yoho: a rising star in Western fiction." 

"The books in R.G. Yoho's western series draw you in immediately like any great action flick on the big screen. The scenes are described in vivid detail yet Yoho's gifted writing style is easy to read." 

"This was my first western and I was a bit skeptical. But R G Yoho won me over before the end of the first chapter."

"If this is only RG Yoho's second book, he'll quickly make his mark in the top echelon of western writers."

"It is hard to find good clean reading, but you have nailed it."

Kellen Malone Series

Book #2

Death Comes to Redhawk

Kellen Malone Series

Book #4

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