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January 2018

After 7 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit, Kellen Malone rode into Redhawk... and death rode with him! While Kellen rotted away in prison, Clay Adkins had stolen his wife, his son and his ranch. But now that Kellen was free, he was coming back for overdue justice ... with a vengeance! So when Kellen Malone rode into town, Clay Adkins was concerned, but when he saw Skull Clements riding with him as a friend, Clay knew he was in trouble and that death indeed had come to Redhawk! If your heart cries out for justice, action, and unparalleled adventure, then “Death Comes to Redhawk” is a must-read for you! Kellen Malone was fast, but not nearly as fast as some of those he’d buried. His new friend, Skull Clements, killed for money, while Kellen killed only on principle. Kellen killed those who needed it, those who cried out for the dying. And in Kellen’s mind, no one needed killing more than Clay Adkins!

"First western I have read in years. So glad I didn't pass this one by!
Highly recommend it to anyone!!"

"This book is the awesome Western that I grew up with. There are Indians, Cowboys, Cattle, Gunfighters and anything else that creates a great read. I am in love with the hero who takes no prisoners but loves a good dog. I want a dog like Lobo, a man like Malone, a kid like Jesse and a town like Redhawk. This is a fine read for any Western lover."

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