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I hate change!

All my life, I have generally been a person who enjoys the routine of everyday life. I have also observed that the commonplace can often be a good thing. And excitement is often overrated!

Some people foolishly think a long marriage to one woman would be boring. Such is not the case in my life, especially if you’ve found a woman “to ride the river

with,” as Louis L’Amour would often say. Therefore, I

would much rather be the boring guy who has been

married for over thirty-five years, than to be the guy

facing the “excitement” of separation and divorce.

I hate change.

However, if I am the one to actually initiate a drastic

change in my life and career, then you can be certain

that my decision was only made after days, weeks, and,

yes, months of careful and sometimes agonizing


A number of years ago, I learned that only about five-percent of all authors will make a living for themselves and their family from their craft. It was also the time I determined that if someone was going to be successful, then why shouldn’t it be me?

Why not me?

That is the way I have deliberately chosen to approach my writing career.

However, if anything I’m doing ultimately tends to be

detrimental to that goal, then I need to get out of my comfort

zone and change it.

Western writing is clearly a passion of mine, but it’s also a

business. Moreover, I am also fully committed to treating it

like a business. And we’ve all heard that the definition of

insanity is continuing to do the same things and hoping for

a different result.

And I’m no longer going to behave like I’m insane…

As thankful and grateful as I am to all those who early on invested so much in my writing career, it increasingly became clear to me that I needed to make a big change in the direction I was taking.

That is why I have chosen to make a change, a big change.

All of my work will now be with a new publisher. Seven of my published works are currently unavailable, but will soon be changing hands.

I am pleased to announce that J.C. Hulsey and the good folks of Outlaws Publishing and Rusty Spur Publishing have now acquired all of my work.

In addition, I have also released, “A Gun for Ringo,” which is somewhat

different for me.

In some very rare cases, change can also be good.

However, there is one thing I will NOT change.

I am extremely proud to be a Western author and you have my commitment

that I will continue to bring you the best books I am capable of writing.

It is my hope that you loyal readers will also continue to ride with me!


I Hate Change!