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First of all, I must ask if you happen to know the name of a regional or local author who has not yet joined the ranks of Louis L’Amour, Zane Grey, or Elmer Kelton, men who are all recognized as the finest Western authors who ever lived?

​If you’re reading this blog, then congratulations are in order, because now you know one.

It can be officially stated that the penman of this short piece is also the name of one of Western literature’s great unknowns.

Have you read a book that I’ve written? Do you like them? And what can you do to help me turn out more and more books for you to read?

I am so glad that you came to me with these important questions. You’ve indeed come to the right place for answers to these crucial queries. And I am here to help you.

If it really is important to you to get me produce a lot more books, then I have a number of suggestions for you, ideas which will undoubtedly increase my literary production.

These suggestions are in no particular order, but each one of them is equally important in the accumulative recipe for literary success. And if you leave any one of them out, the final product will be like a batch of biscuits with no salt.

You will not end up with a tasty and satisfying final product.

If you’re ready, what follows will be recipe for getting more production from me, your friendly local author. By the way, this will work for nearly ANY author, of any genre. If followed precisely, this recipe will help one of your favorite unknowns to sell more books for himself and to produce more books for you to read.

If you’re now ready for me to share the recipe, here it goes:

1. Ask for my books at your local bookstore.

Bookstores are in business to make money, so they traditionally stock their shelves with books written by the nation’s biggest names. But in addition to those, they will also include books of lesser names if there appears to be a large and sudden demand for them.

That is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

Create a legitimate demand by using every opportunity you have to phone or go by that major bookstore chain or local independent, talk to the manager, and ask for them to stock my books.

If they hear my name mentioned enough, then they will come to the conclusion that this author, unknown to them, might be someone they ought to be placing on their shelves. And that will be likely to introduce my work to their other customers, who also don’t already know my name, browsing their way through the Westerns.

2. Ask for my books at your local libraries.

Although they don’t buy a lot of copies, libraries do have to purchase the books they loan out to the public. Those books will obviously boost my sales figures.

It will also place my name in another place where I might not currently be, thereby exposing my works to more readers, who will hopefully seek out more of them.

3. Go to online places like Amazon and Goodreads and write a review of EVERY book that I’ve written that you have read.

Reader reviews are the fuel that drives the engine of book sales. Amazon doesn’t only sell my books to you; they also promote books to other potential customers, readers who are searching for a new and compelling Western author.

Although I don’t know a lot of the specifics about how this process actually works, I do know that Amazon has installed certain algorithms into the process. And the short answer goes like this: The more reviews my book and/or books have, the more likely it is that Amazon’s complex and proprietary algorithms will put my books at the top of their search lists for those customers searching for the next Louis L’Amour.

4. By word of mouth or on social media, tell every one of your friends about my books.

Although not everybody reads Westerns, almost everybody knows someone who does, whether it be your father, a brother, an uncle, or a cherished grandparent.

Moreover, it seems that almost everybody is either on Facebook on Twitter, or they generally have some kind of connection to these popular forms of social media. Take advantage of this connection to influence others, people who care about you and often value your opinion.

Although you may only have 200 friends on your Facebook page, perhaps each one of your friends has 200 also and each one of their friends has 200.

I have no desire to do the math on this one, but you are beginning to see how this goes. The reach of your few simple words can attract thousands.

Your recommendation, or that of your friends, might be the just the ticket to launch my writing career from the unknown to the New York Times Bestseller Lists.

A while back, the married governor of a northern state was forced to resign when it was discovered that he was regularly spending time with a prostitute. Before this incident became public, the prostitute had recorded one of her songs and made it available online for download.

After the governor’s indiscretions became public and the name of prostitute leaked out to the public, then in one 24-hour period, over one million people paid $.99 each, to download one of this woman’s songs.

Please don’t misunderstand me here; Despite my interest in getting my books out to the public, I have no desire to sleep with the governor, any governor.

But don’t miss my point. Perhaps better than anything else, that one incident with the governor and the prostitute illustrates the immense power and the extraordinary reach of the Internet.

The Internet wasn’t an option available to Louis L’Amour and Zane Grey. Their fame was acquired through simple word-of-mouth sales. But today, through the power of the Internet, an unknown individual could be world famous by this time tomorrow.

So there you have it, a simple recipe to increase your favorite unknown author’s production.

But now you’re confused and you’re probably thinking that if these things are routinely done and it actually works the way I say it will, then this unknown author will not stay unknown that long.

His books will be selling, people will be clamoring for more of them, and the author might no longer have any reason to support his family by laboring at anything else.


That is just what I feared. I think I’ve gone and told you too much and you’ve now figured out my devious master plan.

Okay, you got me. I told you it was shameless and self-serving.

Before I get too far along in this blog, I must issue an apology to you in advance.

The reason is simple: What you are about to read may seem rather self-serving and much like an absolutely shameless case of self-promotion. 

Jumpstarting Your Favorite Unknown Author

And on that charge, I must now plead guilty and throw myself on the mercy of the court. You are hereby warned. Therefore if you choose to continue reading, you do so at your own risk.

These are the words of someone who is trying to sell books and significantly grow his market.