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What Do Readers Say About The Book?

"I would even go so far as to say I liked this book as well as

many written by LL."

These other versions are still out there and can probably still be acquired. The author will be honored to sign any of them.

Just to eliminate any confusion to the readers, this same book has had three different covers and three different publishers:

"I am a huge Zane Grey fan. The main reason I love his work so much is because of the brilliant word pictures he draws that place the reader in a setting that is real and vibrant. R G Yoho started this story out with a word picture equal to ANY I have read anywhere before. The characters are masterfully developed, the plot takes a few turns that keep the reader hoping nothing interrupts the reading session. I leave you with one simple statement; whether a western or a non-fiction, he's a master.."     --Will Hinton

Outlaws Publishing

December 2017

A fine wine gets better with age, but what comes of a legendary gunslinger, one who’s faced down many and always come out on top? Gain Carson, the legend of Abilene wants to leave his violent ways behind and settle down with the woman he loves. But his enemies and those wishing to replace him keep following him to their death. Read this fast-paced and provocative classical western and discover that Gain Carson might be getting old, but his draw just keeps getting faster!