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​​​​R.G. YOHO

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Damon Gates is a former slave, trying to scratch out a meager living and provide for his family in the wake of the Civil War. But on his way to buy a few head of cattle, he is captured by three outlaws who want to kill him for nothing more than his skin color. Enter Gabriel Burns, a legendary Texas gunman, riding to help a family of poor, Colorado homesteaders. Throw into the plot Kellen Malone, former lawman, rancher, and gunfighter, who is pursuing Burns, to bring him to justice for the murder of a young man. What will happen when their paths converge? This is the explosive beginning for Nightfall Over Nicodemus!

What Do Readers Say About The Book?

"This was the first book I read by R G Yoho. It was excellent, so I ordered the other one available. . The main character (Kellen Malone) was very well established. On the lines of Smoke Jensen books written by Johnstone."

Outlaws Publishing

April 2018

"Sad to say that this book has come to an end.
Another wonderful work of art by RG Yoho.
5 stars in not enough to rate this entire Kellen Mallone series!!
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful."