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Three decades after I first began, my writing career has acquired its launching pad.

I must confess that it wasn’t my own good taste which came up with the unique ideas which were used to create my office.

Those ideas and designs for a do-it-yourself version of shiplap were the product of my wife, who knows exactly the sort of rustic structure that would greatly appeal to my tastes.

In short, she was the mastermind for this undertaking.

She was management; I was labor.

I couldn’t be much more satisfied with an office design than

the one I have just built for myself, or with my wife who

passed along her great and creative ideas to me.

My office is small, but comfortable and functional. But it is

certainly much more than that. In all reality, I can honestly

say that I have never seen anything else quite like it.

I also believe my office will greatly improve my volume of

production as a writer, by finally giving me a space that

will be all mine, away from the television and phone

conversations. It will also give me a quiet place to begin my

goal of recording the remainder of my books for audio release, a project that I have been actively planning for several years now.

All of these goals and projects are much more likely to come to fruition now that I finally have a nearly-perfect writing office.

Welcome to my new home!

And as the A-Team's Colonel Hannibal Smith

might say, “I love it when a plan comes together.”                             

Since I first started, I have pretty much written anywhere and everywhere I could put a desktop or laptop computer. However, that has NEVER been the same place all the time.

I have never had a place, an office, or a desk that was solely mine, somewhere I could consistently go to write, without many of the distractions of everyday life.

And although my kids no longer live at home, my small grandchildren have often taken their place in my house, while my wife watches them, thereby creating new manners of disturbance that I haven’t experienced for quite some time.

As best as I can figure, this year marks the 30th year since I began writing. And the more I think about it, my writing pursuits actually began about the same time as when personal computers first became a mainstay of the American home.

No Place Like Home!

It is for that reason alone it became even more imperative that I create a place to write that would become my exclusive home for the process.

For the better part of this year, I have been working to transform a rather generic storage building into my own remarkably-unique, personal office.

And today, I can announce that I have finally moved into my new writing home, just outside the home I share with my wife.