In the early 1900s, the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency played a brutal and bloody role in the union strikes and violence that took place in both Matewan, West Virginia, and Ludlow, Colorado. As ruthless as they were effective, the Baldwin-Felts' detectives were loved by the mine owners, but universally feared and hated by the coal miners and their families. On August 1, 1921, when agents of Baldwin-Felts murdered an unarmed Sid Hatfield on the courthouse steps in Welch, West Virginia, they had no way of knowing that the constable's illegitimate son was also among those in the crowd. Two years later, young Billy Hatfield begins seeking revenge upon the agents who murdered his father. Desperate to capture him, Baldwin-Felts calls in their most dependable troubleshooter, Morgan Cobb, who was born and raised in the town of Matewan. The son of Sheriff Sid Hatfield enters into a life-and-death struggle with Morgan Cobb, an agent of Baldwin-Felts. So begins the gripping, historical novel... Return to Matewan.

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What Do Readers Say About The Book?

"Author, Yoho, does a credible job of taking the reader back to a much under appreciated era of American history."

The following review of my book, Return to Matewan, is from Roundup Magazine, written by my friend and Spur Award-winning, Western author, Johnny B. Boggs.

White Feather Press

October 2015

"This effort is a departure from his usual Western, instead meeting the old Western and a modern day East Coast setting half way: just after World War I in West Virginia. Yoho leverages on events during the height of the violent coal mining strikes in West Virginia, Kentucky and Colorado. Return to Matewan” is R. G. Yoho at his finest."

R.G. YOHO. Return to Matewan.

"R.G. Yoho moves away from the traditional Western – and

into his stamping grounds – in this engaging historical

novel set in West Virginia in the 1920s. “Cowboy” Morgan

Cobb, a troubleshooter for the Baldwin-Felts Detective

Agency, returns from Ludlow, Colorado, to the coal-mining

town of Matewan, where he’s hired to bring in young Billy Hatfield,

who is making life difficult for the militant mining companies

and Baldwin-Felts by avenging the murder of his father, a county

sheriff. Hatfield just happens to be Cobb’s cousin. Yoho puts his heart into this novel, and it shows. Return to Matewan chronicles a bloody, often overlooked time in U.S. history when mine owners hired detectives to retaliate against striking miners. It also illustrates how Western things could get in West Virginia."

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