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​​​​R.G. YOHO

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The man was a heartless wolf, a traveling sickness, an oozing wound on the soul of humanity, and he was terrorizing the Arizona Territory with a relentless and twisted passion. He loved deeply, he killed quickly and often with no remorse or regret. The blood and death fed his twisted mind, and his hunger would never allow him to stop the killing. Back in the old West, women were a rare and treasured item, especially women as beautiful as Joe Clement’s young bride Jenny, with her slender figure, striking red hair and pleasant disposition. So when Joe is ambushed and his wife is abducted, this seasoned gun fighter will stop at nothing to get her back. Will the combined guns of Kellen and Joe be enough to end the reign of terror and bring this evil to justice? Read this latest story in the Kellen Malone adventure series and experience the romance, intrigue and terror of the Old West.

What Do Readers Say About The Book?

White Feather Press

April 2014

"RG Yoho scores again with this story of Kellen Malone and friends. This story got me wrapped up in the lives of each character and drew out a variety of emotions while reading it.
Wonderfully written!! I want more RG Yoho and Kellen Malone!!!

"A serial killer is stalking red-haired women in Jerome, Arizona Territory, and it's up to Kellen Malone, the fast-shooting hero of R.G. Yoho's Westerns. to save the day--and quite possibly Rachel, the love of Malone's life. 
​Yoho knows how to craft a fast-paced, action-packed Western novel. Imagine Louis L'Amour--but with a darker edge."      --Johnny D. Boggs